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Here is a short summary of our site in English.

About us
Kisel Keramik is a ceramics studio located in Stockholm, Sweden, run by Helena Hättestrand and Anna Schröder. The two of us have been working together for several years. At our studio we make and sell our objects and hold courses for beginners as well as experienced potters. All products are made from sustainable, non-toxic stonewareclay, can be used for food and drink and are dishwashersafe. Each object is handcrafted with artisanal skill and care regardless of technique used. To protect environment, we recycle all leftover clay and take care of any glaze spills.

If you have any questions or enquires regarding our products or services, please send us an e-mail (see below).

Opening Hours
Since we have varying working hours, it might be a good idea to call or email first and make sure that we are on site. We are usually in the shop Monday afternoons and Fridays (and of course during our courses).

View and download high resolution product images here. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Please contact us if you need any particular image.

Please contact us if you are interested in supplementing your product range with any of our objects.

You are welcome to join us on Instagram for regular updates and glimpses of our day-to-day life at the studio. We are also on Pinterest.

Kisel Keramik
Maria Skolgata 42
SE–118 53 Stockholm


Helena Hättestrand
Phone +46(0)702–178117

Anna Schröder
Phone +46(0)735–663464